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Analyses: A 30 year former law enforcement officer says there is a high probability that the person in the pictures is the same. He picked the left and the right pictures as the most consistent with each other. We do know that the right image is that of Ward Churchill. The left image is a picture that is found in the book "The Life and Death of Anna Mae Aquash", by Johanna Brand, (2nd publishing only) James Lorimer & Company, Publishers, Eger Ryerson Memorial Building, 35 Britain Street, Toronto, Ontario: $14.95 from 1978. The photo was one of three taken before Kevin McKiernan on July 26th, 1975 was ordered out of the area, the Airport at Pine Ridge. This is the day of the shoot-out at Oglala. The other two photos clearly show FBI agents getting out of a helicopter. The man in the photo on the left also got out of the same helicopter, but was not identitfied by the usual "FBI" printed on the shirt pocket that others have.

Churchill's book, Agents of Repression, page 438, item 49 reads:

"49. Author Churchill experienced one of these sweeps firsthand when, while driving across Pine Ridge on June 27, 1975, the dday after the gunfight at the Jumping Bull residence that claimed the lives of AIM member Joe Stuntz and FBI agents Jack Coler and Ron Williams, he stopped to urinate alongside the road, about five miles south of Porcupine. Over the ridge came an APC, accompanied by some 20 FBI and BIA police personnel, moving "on line," carrying M-16s, and dressed in Vietnam-style jungle fatigues, boots, and bush hats. Most of the group was also wearing military-issue flack-jackets. Needless to say, the whole scene afforded a sense of deja-vu to the viewer, given that he had spent a year in Southwest Asia in combat."

Excerpt(s) from Jodi Rave Interview with Ward Churchill, 1993

Where were you living in Wyoming?

Gillette, at the University

And what [did] you do?

I was doing mock-ups for a little advertiser paper in ________ and getting away from the South Dakota authorities, this is what I'm doing.

Oh yaa, really?

Yes, I like to _________ one step ahead of the sheriff of Mead County and one step ahead of the John Birch Society, Gillette seemed like a really nice place to be to figure out what to do next.

From the John Birch Society?

Yaa, the John Bircher had a bad case of the _________

The what?

They were very irritated by my presence.

Woo. Ok, you want to elaborate on this?

I taught for a year, when I first went to South Dakota when I first moved west out of Peoria, I taught for a year at a little place at Spearfish called Black Hills State College at the time, now known as BLH State University, all right.


They were paying me $7,000 a year, for the year which even in South Dakota you can't live on, and had to commute from Sturgis which was the closest place they could find to live.

And it was Black Hills State College?


That just must have changed just recently?

Yes, about three years ago, the name of the university, it was still a college then. So I agreed to teach some extension courses for them, I thought that once I would do that, and at the Loneman school on Pine Ridge, I would do some workshops there... But what they assigned me to do was to teach the police force in Rapid City.

Oh, really.

They were not thrilled, but they had to pay attention in order to pass.

Why did you have to teach them about the American Indian Movement? Was that your choice?

That was my choice, umm, they were suppose[d] to be taking art history, and I decided there were things they needed to know more about than art history.


I had ways of (spending/Spinning) particular points off of history and into the current events in the area. You see.

Ok, that was part of your teaching job, was to teach...?


Which was about Indian history?

Well art history includes Indian art, I had a component on Indian art.

Was this for some culture relations sort of thing?

Yaa, they needed some kind of arts and humanities course in order to fulfill their requirements ok, and Rapid City is just south of Spearfish, so a whole lot of faculty who had been around got paid formal salaries and didn't want to do this shit. And they said, if you do this we will pay you three (3,000) grand. Well, hell, it's half of your salary, so yes, I'll go down there every Saturday, and who am I teaching? The police force. So I had some real bad actors like, Kenny Schoos/Sues, who runs their intelligence unit now, he was a student of mine in 1975.


So this got their attention, because otherwise they weren't paying a whole lot of attention to me.

Yaa. So at what time did the John "Birch Society......

Well, some of those cops were Birchers, so you see how it all begins to fit together.

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